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Signs You Should Change Your Air Filter

Changing your filters is one of the most basic and important types of AC maintenance.

Your air conditioner is designed to cool your home, but clogged and dirty filters make this task harder than it should be.

If your air conditioning unit is struggling to cool your home, it may be time to change the filters. Here are some signs that this important maintenance habit may be overdue for your unit.

Is Your Air Conditioner Cooling Unevenly?

Air Conditioning Las VegasWhen your air conditioner is cooling certain areas of your home better than others, it is usually a sign that something is wrong. Your air conditioner may have clogged filters, causing some areas to get plenty of cool air while others barely get any at all.

Even if you notice slight changes in the consistency of temperature throughout your home, it is a good idea to check your filters. Debris building up within them can make it harder for air flow to get to all parts of your house equally.

Unusual Sounds and Odd Smells

When your air conditioner is struggling to cool due to a dirty filter, it may begin making odd noises. You may hear rattling, grinding, and even screeching as the unit is forced to work harder to cool the area. While you may think this means you need AC repair, it can sometimes mean you simply need to switch out your air filters.

When the unit is pushing air through a dirty filter, you may notice a musty or sour smell. This is a direct indicator that your filter may need to be changed. All these indicate that it is time your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

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