Elite Heating is Going Green

Elite Heating is Going Green!

Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is the most trusted HVAC company throughout Las Vegas. With years of experience and service to commercial and residential customers throughout the region, we’re proud to continue innovating and improving our services. We are, therefore, delighted to announce that we are going green!

Paperless Administration

Our air conditioning maintenance and installation services will now be accompanied by a paperless administration process. From now on, all of our client paperwork will be performed using iPads, meaning the days of wasted paper are over. All invoices and documentation will be sent to you via email, saving paper and making the payment and admin process simpler and more efficient.

Furthermore, all warranty information will be provided through handy iOS and Android applications. Air conditioning maintenance services will also be assisted through the use of an iOS or Android app. Elite Plumbing’s air conditioning installation team will walk you through your brand-new setup, and show you how to access important information whenever you need it using your own mobile device.

Going Green Las Vegas

Newer, More Environmentally Friendly HVAC Systems

Three-quarters of all homes in the United States have HVAC systems installed, with air conditioners consuming around 6% of all electricity consumed in the country. This totals an annual cost of $29 billion, and it also emits more than 117 million metric tons of cO2. Elite Plumbing is setting out to change that.

Elite Plumbing’s air conditioning installation service will now be more environmentally conscious than ever. Our customers will have access to a wide range of energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems, and our friendly team has all the knowledge and training required to ensure that your property is as environmentally friendly as possible!

Your home or business property can be equipped with the very latest air conditioning and heating systems designed to save you money and to protect the local environment.

We believe this is more important than ever, and we’re looking forward to providing customers all over Las Vegas and surrounding regions with the best HVAC equipment in the business.

If you want to learn more or consult one of our team members to learn how we can save you money with new equipment, call today at 1-702-263-2665. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment online!

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