furnace blowing cold air

What Can I Do if My Electric Furnace is Blowing Cold Air?

It’s a problem that many of us experience when the weather takes a turn for the worse. You turn on your electric furnace and suddenly the air it blows out is cold. Why is your heater blowing cold air? What can you do about it? Are you doomed to stay in cold conditions through the winter?

In this article we try to help you with the issues caused by cold air blowing from an electric furnace, do you need heating repair? Is your furnace blowing cold air? We’ve tried to troubleshoot the issues your furnace might be having.

Dirty Filter

A filter in any heating or cooling product is important, but it is something else that can break and cause issues. If your filter gets dirty, it can block the airflow in the heat exchanger. This can mean that the whole furnace overheats. As a result, it may break and cooler temperature might come out of the furnace.

If this is the case, you may just need a filter to be replaced. Alternatively, it could be that the blockage has caused further complications and you need to speak to a professional to try and diagnose and fix the issue.

ThermostatThermostat Settings

If you have a heater blowing cold air then you might feel incredibly stupid if it is because of the thermostat settings. Some furnaces can be hard to control and it is possible that you have simply got the settings wrong.

Unfortunately, you might have to go back to the manual and check on the controls. Have you inadvertently set a timer that has turned the thermostat down to a certain temperature? Some thermostats even have automatic settings that sometimes don’t do the best job of sensing the temperature you need. 

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

It may be that your furnace simply needs a new fuse. Fuses can go when there is an electric surge, or just over time they can stop working. It is worth replacing the fuse within your electric furnace to see if this is the case.


Is there a problem with the fan itself? A telltale sign will be the noise that is being made by the furnace. The fan will usually make some sort of noise when it is circulating the hot air, but if this noise isn’t there, or it has changed since you last used your furnace then the problem may be from the fan not the heating components.

Overheated Furnace

If a furnace has overheated it can damage the components and cause it to top functioning as it normally would. If your furnace has been cranked up too high then this might be the problem. If this is the case, unless you are particularly good at repairs then it is time to call a heating repair company who can make the necessary changes.

Leaking Ducts

Leaks in the ducts are a very common problem with electric furnaces. Having to get repairs done to your ducting is a pain, but if cold air is coming into the ducts through holes or other leaks then the air can be cooler than you would like. This defeats the purpose of having the furnace on.

If your ducts are accessible, you can check for any visible signs of damage to them. Check how old your ducting is, it could well be that after years of wear and tear they’re not functioning as they once were.

plumbing las vegasCall a Professional

If you’re wondering “why is my heater blowing cold air?” then the chances are that you need to speak to a professional. If it isn’t something obvious like a fuse then you probably need a specialist to come in and help with the repair and get your home back up to the warmth you desire.

If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to repairs then there’s no point in trying your own repairs and making things worse. The best furnace repair technicians are very quick and can identify and fix the problem in no time, especially if it doesn’t involve the ducts of your home. It’s always worth discussing your problem with a pro to see if you need their help.